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Types of legal entities in the United States

Embark on a journey of business empowerment with our exclusive service tailored to unravel the basics of legal business entities. Whether you're launching a startup or looking to optimize your business structure, our expert guidance ensures you navigate the intricate world of business entities with ease. From sole proprietorships to LLCs and corporations, we simplify the complexities, offering clear insights into the benefits and implications of each structure.


Federal and State Income Tax System

Empower yourself with the knowledge to conquer tax season! Our dedicated service is designed to demystify the basics of federal and state income taxes, ensuring you navigate the financial landscape with confidence. From understanding key concepts to decoding tax jargon, we've got you covered.

Sale Tags

Sales taxes across states

Helping our client to navigate the complex world of sales taxes across the different states in the USA.


Product certifications needed for US market

Whether you're a manufacturer, importer, or entrepreneur, understanding the intricacies of product certifications is crucial for success in the market. Our team can provide you with an insight to the complexities of the certification process, compliance requirements, and the added value certifications bring to your brand.

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Hiring & work-safety regulations

Safety is not just a priority; it's a culture. We will walk you through essential safety protocols, regulations, and best practices applicable to the US work environment to create a secure work environment. From hazard identification to emergency response, we simplify the complexities, ensuring you understand the  complies of the US work-safety environment.


Real-estate property lease negotiation

From explaining the differences in US renting process to selecting the right property and negotiating lease terms, we are at your service. Our team is here to guide you though the entire rental process and to provide you with invaluable insights into the US commercial real estate market.

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